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Renting Our Classroom Terms & Conditions

Few important conditions in the agreement you should know before requesting to rent our classroom.

The full agreement will be sent after we receive your request.

Liability insurance

The Licensee shall obtain and maintain, at its own expense, reasonable comprehensive general liability insurance coverage naming the Landlord as an additional insured and Licensee, upon written request by the Licensor or Landlord, shall provide a certificate of insurance to the Licensee or Landlord as proof of said insurance. Renters are encouraged to obtain insurance through their personal or business policies.

License Agreement

Forest City First Aid Inc License Agreement is a contract between FCFA and a Licensee (renter) that gives the renter the right to occupy the facility for the length of time and purpose described in the Agreement. 

Since the License Agreement is important, it is in writing. The written agreement outlines the terms and conditions agreed to by both parties. Once the contract is signed, it cannot be changed unless both parties agree. 

Note: For more information about insurance coverage, we suggest Renters contact their own agent or broker for advice about their specific circumstances.

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