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Forest City First Aid Covid Protocol

Due to the nature of our training, candidates registering for a course will be required to demonstrate skills and techniques on each other. During these demonstrations, you will be washing your hands before and after and be required to keep their face mask on. If you are uncomfortable with this, please consider registering for a course after the pandemic restrictions are further lifted. See below for a summary of what we are doing to keep you and other students safe while attending your class.

What we are doing:

  • We have limited our class sizes to 10 which is less than the maximum number of persons allowed in the class.​

  • We have included hand sanitizers on every table to be used throughout the course.

  • Our instructors and participants will be screened prior to entering the classroom. This includes the use of a Non-contact Infrared thermometer.

  • Classrooms have been cleaned and sanitized.

  • All training equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after use.

  • Lungs on mannequins are not used at this time.

  • All participants will receive their own training equipment for the course. If not possible students will hand sanitize before and after use.

  • All instructors and students are required to wear masks.

  • All instructors and students are required to wear eye protection when coming in close proximity with others.

  • All candidates are required to sign a disclaimer that they have been symptom-free for the last 14 days prior to entering the course.

Prior to your course:
Make sure to bring a face mask for yourself, you will be required to wear it throughout the course. We ask participants to arrive at least 10 minutes before the class start time. Upon arrival, each participant will be required to fill out a self-screening survey before being permitted into the course.

Beginning of the course:
Upon entry, students will be guided to a hand sanitizing station being assigned to a table. Students will be provided with their own CPR pocket mask to use throughout the course.

During the course:
Every student will be assigned to their own CPR manikin and other training equipment to use throughout the course. The equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each class. If a student becomes ill or starts to display any symptoms of COVID-19 during the course, the course will immediately end for everyone. The instructor will ask everyone to go home and isolate for 14 days.

Demonstrating physical skills throughout your course:
While some skills have been modified to avoid contact, there are still components of the course where students will be required to demonstrate their practical skills on one another. For these instances, instructors will ask the candidates to first wash or sanitize their hands, maintain physical distancing during the task (where possible), wear eye protection and wash or sanitize their hands when the task is completed.



Every student must sign this waiver on the first day of their in-person class. Students who do not sign the waiver will not be permitted into the course and are not entitled to refunds/rescheduling.

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